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Angelus Academy

Angelus Academy is a small, vibrant, faith-filled community of caring educators and supportive parents who are committed to raising the next generation of well-educated, prayerful, patriotic Catholic leaders dedicated to serving others with great love. We offer a Catholic liberal arts education in the classical tradition...

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Project Daystar

A retreat for mothers & their daughters (grades 7-9), Daystar is a set of four retreats based on the 3 Archangels and Guardian Angels...

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St. Michael Army of Intercessors for Troubled Youth

If you are one of the many committed Christians who are deeply disturbed by the tidal wave of corrupting influences bearing down on our children and youth in these troubled times but feel helpless to do anything about it, take heart!


Christ the King

The Women’s Apostolate to Youth has been offering retreats for men for almost 25 years.  


We recognized then and are even more firmly convinced now that anything we do to strengthen the faith of all men, but especially husbands and fathers, will directly benefit children and youth.  

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